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The Fledgling Artist

@deeprun I have never read captain underpants, and stubbornly refuse to discredit it (and stories similar) as being an invalid form of art/story, but I’m right there with you in feeling discontent with the existence of such stories. (Mehaps that’s contradictory of me, but that’s where I find myself. XD)

I wonder if that circles back to the idea that comics (specifically comics for children/I guess children’s books in general) are frequently viewed as being a lesser form of storytelling, just because the status quo has set the bar a bit lower than it ought to be. Because children’s books can potentially be beautiful, heartfelt, works of art. But they often lack something of what makes a story resonate with me. (My opinion on what makes something resonate is valid, but not universal, so really all of this is subjective, haha.)

I am a poor communicator, so I don’t have much more to say about that. XD
Man, there’s so much we could bounce back and forth on though, haha. (Should you ever feel the itch to take someone on the dangerous train of abstraction vs realism and the meaning of art, you have my full permission to take me XD)

I shall dig up some art, and would love to see some of yours! I’ve only just realized you are also an artist! 👀 (Did you make your profile picture?)

I actually don’t know very much about how to draw in a traditional comic style. It’s a very impressive look though!

unfortunately, the better at art you get, the better you are at seeing how much you still have to learn. X’] Wow you made a lot of progress for only having worked on it for such a short amount of time! I’ve been working on mine off and on most of the year and I’m still in the concept art and outlining phase.

The word brume is just a fancy word for a fog or mist. In my story, The Brume is a place, to which my protagonist ventures. (It’s not a very nice place, haha.)

I have never read The Westing Game, what is it about? You can see my conversation with Deeprun for a more in-depth answer to your question, but in short, I tend to like more heartfelt stories, and bonus if they’re fantasy, heh.

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