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@deeprun I believe the most concise and short way to explain what kind of stories usually resonate with me, are the stories that juggle and explore the relationship between joy and beauty, and pain and grief. –I know more emotional stories aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess they’re mine, haha. That being said, there is the element of the storyteller’s skill. A story can technically be emotional without achieving the level of nuance that makes it feel authentic? You feel me?? That’s the most important element to me, then. Is that a story has heart.

The fact that I believe what the Bible says about the human condition does complicate all that though, just a bit. (In a good way though, haha.) Stories that promote anti-gospel themes or messages tend to resonate significantly less– because I’m too distracted and disheartened by the false truth being pushed into the world.

So– if a story has heart, and is somehow reflective of truth, and is delivered/crafted skillfully, there is little more I could ask for, haha. There’s an Andrew Peterson quote tickling my brain, but I can’t quite formulate it. It’s something to the effect of, “I want to tell the truth, in the most beautiful way possible.” And though the words didn’t stick, the sentiment there certainly did. Stories that attempt that, are stories I vibe with. ;))
Obviously there are certain tropes and genres that are more fun to me, but all that is secondary to that more important distinction.

(Will be back to reply to your comments in a bit!)

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