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The Fledgling Artist

Yes, see! Exactly, !! Idk, I don’t really feel right about bashing anything anyone makes creatively (that’s a completely different rant though X’D) so to say it in a way that doesn’t belittle other comics/graphic novels, I just don’t feel like I vibe with most stories told through that medium. Though again that’s a complicated statement for several reasons x’D. I guess just as an example, there are a few comics I actually really like. –But a common thing I’ve noticed about comics that are done well, is that people tend to make comments about how it would make a good movie. And it’s almost like in an unspoken way, comics are seen as a lesser form of storytelling? And so any comic done well, deserves a “better” medium of storytelling. (like a movie.) Again there’s an insane amount of rabbit trails to be made to make all that clearer and more fleshed out, as a thought. TBH if I had the motivation and the energy I could probably write an entire blog post about this hahahaha… I suppose in short, because comics are a very accessible medium, there is a lot of more amature level content being made, and so people tend to see comics as a more amature level medium?? But done well, comics have a lot of potential as their own legitimate medium of storytelling. Just like books and movies are both equally legitimate mediums, both with strengths and weaknesses, I think comics are exactly the same, BUT because most of them are very amature-ish (another possible side rant, being an amature isn’t bad– it’s just part of the journey to something better) the entire medium is not usually utilized the way I think it could be???
–That’s only part of the equation ofc, and tbh probably didn’t even really answer your question, which was more specifically more to the effect of, what do I find to be meaningful in a story?? o-o That’s another complicated question. X’D This is probably the rantiest thing I’ve posted on SE in a very long time. I will try to think about your question long enough to give you a more digestible answer.

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