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Wingiby Iggiby


    Ha ha, yeah — I draw when I think I’m actually good at it 😛 Hmmm… short way of explaining my fantasy? It’s about a silversmith’s son who befriends the heir to the throne of Banerow (Prince Kiark) in a quest to end his father’s tyranny. After they do this, though — through a lot of travel, negotiations, fights, hard work, and sadness — a new trial arises. Was Waynot, the evil king, really the villain? And what is going on with Kiark — why is he changing for the worse?

    Ok, sorry, I got a little carried away there 😛 But what are your fantasies about? And they are novel length?!?! Whoa. (sorry, I tend to intrude on other people’s conversations because they are interesting.) And your profile picture is really good! Do you find it hard to draw people in different poses? I struggle with that and it makes me nuts….

    "Whatever man loves dominates them. I loved wrong, for I loved myself. You don't know how sorry I am."

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