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Sam M

Would you rather snitch on your best friend for a crime they committed or go to gaol for the crime they committed?

Judah: I think it would depend on a lot of different factors. Like what the crime was, how long the sentence was, and whether I thought they would survive jail or prison… *glances at Kaz and thinks about how he’ll do in prison* I think I’d rather be incarcerated for his crime.

Kaz: I would go to prison to protect them.

Frankie: I think I’d go to jail for her.

Would you rather be feared or respected?

Jordan: Respected.

Lauren: Respected.

Kaz: I want to say respected, but…I think it depends on who the person is.

Travis: Feared. Depending… I’d want my enemies to fear me, but innocent people to respect me, I guess.

Frankie: I guess I’d rather be respected. I don’t want to add any more fear to the world.

Judah: Um…respected.

Dante: Why can’t I have both? I’m just saying. Sometimes I want one and sometimes I want the other. Sometimes I want them both at the same time.

Would you rather drink only tea or coffee for the rest of your life?

Judah: Coffee.

Lauren: Hmm…tea.

Jordan: Why is hot chocolate not an option?

Would you rather be jailed or exiled?

Kaz: *drags a hand down his face* I guess I would choose jail. Then I could eventually finish my sentence and be able to visit my family and friends, as opposed to never being able to come back here. Of course, that assumes that I’m still alive at that point.

Jordan: Exiled where? That seems like important information. Can I be exiled to Hawaii? Because then I would choose exile.

Dante: As much as those both sound like lovely options, um…jail. I’d just break out.

Judah: Prison or jail? If it’s just a few nights in jail, then I’d choose that. But if we’re talking about decades in prison… I think I’d choose exile. I don’t want to go back to prison. Ever.

New Question: Would your rather be a sports star or win a Nobel prize?

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