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Eden Anderson

@emgc OOoh, your story sounds interesting! 😀 Especially the part about the history of a nation being fabricated…sounds like fascinating story material.

And yeah, same about writing summaries. I always fail at trying to explain my stories to people. 😂

My NaNo project is a fantasy story about these two kids and an old man who go on an adventure together in an attempt to save their world from certain doom. It’s supposed to be comical and silly and ridiculous, and I think I’m accomplishing at least the last two. đŸ˜Ŧ😂 I know my story sounds boring, but I’m trying to not give very much away.

I’m glad NaNo is going good for you! Even if you are busier this year, it sounds like you have determination and with that, you’ll go far. Keep it up! 😊

Nano started off really well for me. I fell behind yesterday, but I caught up and I’m hoping to stay ahead, but we’ll see.

Sorry I missed you the other day! ☚ī¸



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