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I left a ridiculously long post for last week’s question, so shall restrain myself.


1. I’d say that, surprisingly, it’s good to trust your intuition.  As a writer.  What @literatureforthelight said above sparked that thought.  Saying that you used fluffy or cliche phrases, indicates that you knew they were just that: sappy.  While bearing in mind being twitterpated is a real thing, you can probably judge what sounds bogus.  Or sincere.  Using your taste and skills as a writer.  But yeah… You can also say dumb things if you’re infatuated.  Reaaaaalllllly dumb things.  Just maybe keep the sweet nothings as the icing, not the entire cake.


2. Observe.  Watch a real life couple.  It’s in the little things.  Keep a log.  Even try to compare how their personalities contrast and mesh.  Is one an introvert? Does the other have a temper?  The 16 personality test can be overused but it really is a great place to lay a foundation.  You’ve an ESFP and an INFJ… Let the miscommunication commence.


3.  Ask.  While you’re stalking that couple with notebook in hand, go ahead and ask them. Retelling the start of their “romantic”story doesn’t get old for them.  Judging by the happy nostalgic look that spreads over their faces as the memories are described.  It’s fun to play detective.  I’ve saved so many real life things I’ve watched.  Because yes… Truth is so much stranger than fiction; it can imbue your fictional relationship with a high level of believe-ability.

4. Romance does make the world turn but I agree with @zee that YA doesn’t really need the do or die forever element.  @literatureforthelight I also have always loved A Wrinkle in Time and the way it portrayed Meg and Calvin.  Powerful but subtle.


Huh.  Almost restrained myself…

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