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Would you rather be allergic to vegetables or cats?

Dayton: *snorts in disgust* “Good-grief!! I am getting sick and tired of these dumb questions. I won’t answer this.”

Alan: “oOH! Good question! *thinks* “Veggies. They’re nasty. And if you have to rescue cats from trees, being allergic to them would NOT be good.”

Rob: *gives me another one of those looks* “I . . .  think I’ll pass on this one too.”

Jim: *scratches the his jaw, looking amused* “Rather be allergic to cats. Not ’round ’em much, at least not the domestic ones.”

Megyn: *laughs* “If I was allergic to cats, I would probably end up in the hospital. They lurk in every corner of my house. I guess I’ll pick being allergic to vegetables.”

Would you rather be feared or respected?

Dayton: *ponders* “I suppose I would rather be respected. Being feared entails you’re involved in illegal actions or in a position of excessive power, which I am neither.”

Alan: “Uhh  . . . Hmm . . . being feared would be fun . . .sort of. *thinks a little more* “I guess I’d rather just be respected. Though there isn’t much respectable about me.”

Rob: “Respected.”

Jim: “Yep. Don’t like folks bein’ afraid of me at all.” *looks sad*

Megyn: *nods* “I agree. And if others are afraid of you, you can’t reach out and love them as well, maybe not at all. And spreading the Gospel would become much more difficult.”

Would you rather it be forever spring, or forever autumn?

Dayton: *rolls her eyes* “Good grief. Forever fall. It’s colder. ”

Alan: “Uhh . . . Ok, I get it. I’ll pick spring. With all the rain, you get to go mudding!!”

Rob: *shrugs* “Don’t really have a preference.”

Jim: *thinks a moment” “Guess I’d rather it to be forever spring. Things will keep growing and that will be better for the wildlife.”

Megyn: *cocks her head, pondering* “Really this is a hard choice for me. I love both seasons very much . . . *drifts off for a moment* “But I suppose I’d have to agree with Jim.”

Would you rather drink only tea or coffee for the rest of your life?

Dayton: *rolls her eyes again* “Coffee.”

Alan: *grins* “It’d be a welcome change for you to do that. You’re so pushy about us drinking water all the time!!”

Dayton: *snorts*

Alan: “But I hate coffee. Guess I’ll take tea, as long as it’s ICED tea.”

Rob: “Coffee.”

Jim: “Coffee is alright, but I think I’d rather have to have tea.”

Megyn: *nods* “Me too.”

New Question: Would you rather be jailed or exiled?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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