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Ari Austin

Would you rather snitch on your best friend for a crime they committed or go to gaol for the crime they committed?

Elsie: Julia would never commit a crime, but if she did, I would rather go to gaol for her than tell on her. I’m sure it would be for a good reason.

Ian: *looks at Elsie* I would rather go to jail for you than tell on you…

Elsie: *looks around and frantically blushes* I didn’t mean… I – uh-

Liam: *ignores the awkward situation suddenly created* I would tell on him, no questions asked. I would even help track him down.

Elsie: I’m sorry you had to do that for real Liam. *is secretly glad she doesn’t have to talk to Ian*

Jewel: I’m confused. Why would I tell on my friend? The government is evil? The crime committed is for a good cause? We are both equally guilty? I would never snitch on my cousin.

Tyler (whose name might change): Not that I intend to like, make things awkward like Ian did, but you are kind of my only friend Jewel, so… But I agree, I would rather go to jail for you than help the government.

Anthony: Um, Jewel, I have to agree with you guys. It isn’t that I want to fit in with everyone, but we kind of are committing ‘crimes’ on purpose, and I would never drag you down with me.

New question: Would you rather be allergic to vegetables or cats? (both are considered evil by some so… I’m going to pretend they go together 🙂 )

Right is right though all condemn, and wrong is wrong though all approve.

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