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This year I had the idea to do a sci-fi version of Pride and Prejudice.  In researching I found there is already one out there by Sybil Nelson.  Now I’m excited to read that, but I can’t until mine is finished (can’t be “tainted” by her story).  I guess that gives me motivation to finish.

Unlike hers I didn’t want to do a straight-up retelling in space, and unlike P&P&Zombies I didn’t want to make it a spoof. The idea is to take the quirky characters we love, key scenes, and of course the snappy wit, and tell an all new story with it.

I tried throwing some ideas down on paper to see if it would work and now I’m up over 10,000 words before NaNo has even started (Is that cheating?  LOL!)  Either way, I think I’m committed at this point.

P.S.  That moment when Lydia Bennet zaps Mr Darcy to the ground with a tazer…  Yeah… this one is going nothing if not different. 😮



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