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Daeus Lamb

In my humble opinion, people areΒ waaaaayyy too sensitive about cultural appropriation. People act as if they own their culture. As if somehow the aura of the wild west became my inheritance as an American citizen and if someone throws aliens into the wild west they’ve done the equivalent of spraying graffiti on my house and they’re suddenly an aggressor.

But who decides what is cultural appropriation? Are all the Chinese going to get together and vote on it. If 20% of the population supports you, does that mean you’ve done wrong, or does it mean you’re reflecting a Chinese subculture rather than the Chinese culture at large?

If we use this logic here, we have to use it elsewhere. I’ll be morally bound to never try a twist on impressionist painting, because that would be artistic appropriation against the dead artists who can no longer speak to defend the sanctity of their artistic styles.

The only time you should worry about dealing with a foreign culture is if you depict them badly without ever giving them a fair chance or if you pretend to depict them accurately without ever giving them a chance.

Cultural appropriation as the term is used in pop culture is nothing less than cultural Marxism which is nothing less than true Marxism which is possibly the deadliest philosophy the world has ever known.

πŸ‘– 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

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