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@sarahfi *looks up cultural appropriation*

I don’t think you need to worry. It’s like doing a retelling of a fairytale, legend, or Greek myth, which tons of people have done in Western culture (and which I am doing at the moment in my WIP). I think people would only be offended, like Archer said, if it looks like plagiarism, or just failing to be original and thoughtful in general in how you use another culture’s ideas. Since you’re already asking this question and wanting to be careful with it, I’d say you’re good to go.

Putting what I said above in a more practical way, I would suggest that you get to the heart of the original story — why it was written and the message that is being communicated through the journey and overall quest. Then build on it or twist it or do whatever writerly, amazing stuff you plan to do.

Also, as a Chinese-American, I’m super excited that you’re being inspired by that piece of literature 😀 I had to read it… in Chinese class… in Chinese… so I’m not sure I remember a lot of it haha. I’m sure you read it in English, right?

Best of luck with your story!

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