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Would you rather never be able to brush your hair again or never be able to cut your hair again?

Dayton: *wrinkles her nose* *mutters* “Some people!” *out loud* “I’ll never cut my hair. TO be professional, one must look respectable!”

Alan: *lights up* “Oh, I’ll never do either again! That would be GRReat, cuz’ my hair’s so tangly!”

Dayton: * stares at him with an “ I can believe you’re so dumb ” look*  “It’s SHORT!!”

Alan: *defensively* “It still tangles, especially in the inside of the helmet.”

Dayton: *snorts in disgust*

Rob: *looks deliberately at me* * raises an eyebrow* “Is this a serious question?”

ME:  UH huh.

Rob: *expressionlessly* “I. see.” *pauses* “I’ll pass this question.”

Jim: *shrugs* “Reckon I’d rather not have to cut it”

Megyn: (who has long hair) *laughs softly* “I’ll never cut it.”

Would you rather never be able to say thanks again or never be able to ask for help again?
Dayton: * decidedly* “I’ll never ask for help! I don’t need it!”

Alan: “And you never thank people anyway, so that’s taken care of both ways!”

Dayton: *more dagger’s looks* “Be quiet, Rookie!!”

Alan: *mumbles* “Okay, Okay. Yes mam. Until the next question.”

Rob: “For the sake of my client, I’ll never be able to say thanks. Sometimes I need to call for backup.”

Jim: *frowns thoughtfully* “Think that I’d rather never be able to say thanks either. Like Ian said (@amaustin), there are other ways to say thanks.”

Megyn: *Nods* “Let your actions speak louder than your words.”

Would you rather eat food that has fake grape flavor or fake strawberry flavor for the rest of your life. (Not the only thing you eat, but the only flavored food like candy or soda.)

Alan: *quickly texts the options to Jack*

Dayton: *blinks at me* “ I am NOT answering this!!”

Rob: “I’ll pass too.”

Alan: “Okay, Jack says “fake strawberry. U could make em think that ur teeth wer bleedin 4 ur Halloween costume.” I say fake grape. Purple teeth are creeper. .

Jim: *glances at Alan with a concerned, almost disturbed look* “You want to make folks think your teeth are bleedin’?

Dayton: “Never mind him he’s morbid!”

Alan: * to Dayton* “Not anymore than you!!” *to Jim* “It’s just for a costume. For fun.”

Jim: “It ain’t.”

Megyn: *looks at Jim, inwardly wondering if he knows because it happened to him.* “Um,*laughs* I’ll choose fake strawberry.”

Jim: *Nods*


You have to marry, and there is no way, at all, out. Would you rather marry someone that you don’t love, or marry someone that doesn’t love you?
Dayton: *grinding her teeth furious* “Now you do it to me!!”

ME:   *dangles a wedding ring over her head*. . . answer the question . . .

Dayton: *clenches her fist* “FINE! I’d marry someone who hated me!!”

Alan: *looks shocked* “Uhh, . . . Then  . . . how would you even get married?”


Alan: *quietly* “O-kay, Uhh  . . . yeah, I don’t know.”

Rob: *gives me another glance* “I suppose I’d marry someone that didn’t love me.”

Jim: *looks troubled* “Guess I’d rather have the same thing.”

Megyn: *ponders for a moment* “I’m not sure. On the one hand, I wouldn’t want to marry someone I couldn’t love. I believe that, for a marriage to succeed, you must love one another with unconditional love.  On the other hand, if they didn’t love me – it would be hard to live with someone you knew didn’t love you. . . but if they were the kind of person who was hard to love, they might need me to love them. *thinks a moment more* “I think I would marry someone who didn’t love me.”

Would you rather never know your own birthday, or never know your best friend’s birthday?
Dayton: *snorts* “Seeing I have no best friend, I’ll forget the birthday.”

Alan: “Uhh, I’ll forget mine. Jack will remind me, I’m sure. And I don’t want to forget my best bud in any way.”

Rob: *thinks a moment* “ I think I’d rather forget mine. It’s not very important.”

Jim: *nods* “Yep.”

Megyn: *Nods*

Would you rather forget who you are every time it rains, or never be able to remember why you walked into a room?

Dayton: *snorts again* “I am not answering this.”

Me; FINE! Grumpy pants!!

Alan: “Oh, I forget why I came into a room already. I’ll have the other for a change. *grins* “I can call Jack and be like, “Hey, man, it rained again. Remind me who I am, ‘cuz my brains flooded out!” *winks*

Rob: *lifts an eyebrow at Alan* “I’ll pass.”

Jim: *actually looks troubled. “Rather forget who I am.”

Megyn: *glances at him, concerned* “I’ll forget why I walked in the room. *smiles* “Eirian will remind me.”


Would you rather be helpless in a terrible situation, where you might get killed, or kill a helpless animal.

Dayton: *lifts her head high* “I will never be in a helpless situation. I will be get out if, one way or another!”

Alan: “Uhh . . . I think I’d rather be stuck. If there’s no reason to kill the animal, I’d rather not.”

Rob: *sighs* “Though I would tend to agree, I must not be trapped. I’ll kill the animal.”

Jim: *sighs too* “Rather not kill the animal.”

Megyn: *nods* “Me too.”


New Question: Would you rather be feared or respected?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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