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Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?

Justin: Definitely my hearing! I love admiring the beauty around me too much to lose my sight.

Edmund: My hearing. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to annoying people all the time. *grins mischievously*

Would you rather have the ability to move things with your mind, or the ability to read minds?

Edmund: Oh!!!!! Awesome! Totally reading people’s minds! Then I’d know everything… *frowns slightly*… or sort of.

Justin: Are you a weirdo or what? Then you’d know if people didn’t like you, and going by the way you act, there’d be quite a few of them. *raises his eyebrow questioningly*

Edmund: *Rolls his eyes* Well thanks, buddy…. But I’m still doing it!

Justin: Whatever. I’d choose the ability to move things with my mind. *mumbles to himself, “to think how much pain that would have saved me…”*

Would you rather marry someone you don’t love, or marry someone that doesn’t love you?

Justin: Wow, I wouldn’t want to do either! *thinks for a bit* I guess I’d rather marry someone I love, because even if my wife didn’t love me, maybe she’d learn to over time. *shakes his head with raised eyebrows* Man! I hope I’m never in a situation like that!

Edmund: Guess I’d want them to love me.

Justin: Really?!? Wouldn’t you feel guilty that you didn’t love them in return?

Edmund: Naw, not really. It was their choice to marry me in the first place.

Justin: *lets out a high pitched whistle* I’d feel guilty if they loved me but I didn’t love them. But I guess maybe I’d learn to love them as well… but anyway, I’m just glad I’m not in that situation.

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