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    Would you rather never know your own birthday, or never know your best friend’s birthday?

    Nithel: *Brow furrows* But I’m 2… *his eyes light up* If I didn’t, Oh! That would be stupendous!!! People would just guess my age, I wouldn’t be tempted to lie! I wouldn’t have to deceive! “I would choose to not remember the day of my creation.” *smiling…big*

    Avigail: *looks down, then glances to her father,* I don’t know my birthday anyway... “I would remember my friend’s.” Nithel.

    Nasiin: *Stares at his daughter,* It wasn’t important. You know the season, don’t you? ‘Late spring’ isn’t enough for you?

    Avigail: “Dad?”

    Nasiin: “Hmm? Oh, I’d remember my birth date.”

    Carace: “I would remember my friend’s.” My age is depressingBut, what friend? Do I have one… *brows close, chest twirling at the disturbing thought*

    Ratul: “My friend’s.” *Glances to Nithel.* “Hey, I could remember yours for you! You’d just have to tell me first.” *Nithel’s shoulders slump* “I mean, why do I need something more specific than ‘mid fall’?” *Ratul doesn’t know his birthdate either*

    Gabrel: *has no idea what his is* “Uh, I’d,” *brow wrinkles* “I’d remember Mihael’s?” *he glances to her*

    Mihael: *shrugs* “I have no idea when mine was. Around thirty years ago. I have no idea what season. Sooo…” *she looks back at her husband* “I suppose I would know yours…except I can’t.” *looks to their children* But, they’re not my best friends…

    Elia: “I’d know Nithel’s!!!!!!” *smiling like a star, truly happy, she puts her hands on her hips, eyes twinkling*

    Nithel: *Smiles weakly at her*

    Elia: *Smiles content, then walks over, pushing aside Nithel’s wife to plant herself against Nithel. Then on his lap.*

    Nithel: *smiles at the girl, chest warming…Opening his mouth to talk with her.*

    Corban: *continues to play with two sticks in the dirt. Banging them together.*

    Aden: “I would know my birth date. Both of them.”


    New Statement/Question: You have to marry, and there is no way, at all, out. Would you rather marry someone that you don’t love, or marry someone that doesn’t love you?


    Passion means to be willing to suffer.

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