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Would you rather never know your own birthday, or never know your best friend’s birthday?

Nithel: *Brow furrows* But I’m 2… *his eyes light up* If I didn’t, Oh! That would be stupendous!!! People would just guess my age, I wouldn’t be tempted to lie! I wouldn’t have to deceive! “I would choose to not remember the day of my creation.” *smiling…big*

Avigail: *looks down, then glances to her father,* I don’t know my birthday anyway... “I would remember my friend’s.” Nithel.

Nasiin: *Stares at his daughter,* It wasn’t important. You know the season, don’t you? ‘Late spring’ isn’t enough for you?

Avigail: “Dad?”

Nasiin: “Hmm? Oh, I’d remember my birth date.”

Carace: “I would remember my friend’s.” My age is depressingBut, what friend? Do I have one… *brows close, chest twirling at the disturbing thought*

Ratul: “My friend’s.” *Glances to Nithel.* “Hey, I could remember yours for you! You’d just have to tell me first.” *Nithel’s shoulders slump* “I mean, why do I need something more specific than ‘mid fall’?” *Ratul doesn’t know his birthdate either*

Gabrel: *has no idea what his is* “Uh, I’d,” *brow wrinkles* “I’d remember Mihael’s?” *he glances to her*

Mihael: *shrugs* “I have no idea when mine was. Around thirty years ago. I have no idea what season. Sooo…” *she looks back at her husband* “I suppose I would know yours…except I can’t.” *looks to their children* But, they’re not my best friends…

Elia: “I’d know Nithel’s!!!!!!” *smiling like a star, truly happy, she puts her hands on her hips, eyes twinkling*

Nithel: *Smiles weakly at her*

Elia: *Smiles content, then walks over, pushing aside Nithel’s wife to plant herself against Nithel. Then on his lap.*

Nithel: *smiles at the girl, chest warming…Opening his mouth to talk with her.*

Corban: *continues to play with two sticks in the dirt. Banging them together.*

Aden: “I would know my birth date. Both of them.”


New Statement/Question: You have to marry, and there is no way, at all, out. Would you rather marry someone that you don’t love, or marry someone that doesn’t love you?


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