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    That is a wonderful question.

    Personally, I think it’s all about perception. When you were five and your Uncle pulled a coin from your ear, it was “magic”, since you didn’t have another explanation.

    When we’re older than elementary/middleschool-aged though, I think we stop using the term magic, and start using things like “supernatural”, “miracle”, and “paranormal”. Really though, they’re all just describing something we don’t understand.

    So, as an example, in my world there are three main people groups. The Illians, the Aksani, and the Midlanders, The Illians can listen to the voices in things like the wind, animals, and rivers. The Aksani and the Midlanders see this as magic, even though it’s not. Since their minds cannot wrap around the idea of wind being understandable, magic is the only thing they can make of it.

    So in that sense, I definitely think that magic is fine. I think that humans are not meant to understand everything, and that trying to is hopeless. Sometimes, just answering the two year old’s “how is God three in one?” question with “magic” or “because He’s God” works best. 🙂


    Haha there goes caps lock. Anyways. I think if you mean straight up sorcery and witchcraft, then yeah, that can be pretty quickly classified as not good. I think of it as taking the world’s mysteries, unraveling what wasn’t supposed to be unraveled, and then throwing it back at the world. Additionally, I feel like only the creator of the world should be allowed to know the answers to or be able to do certain things, so that kind of magic just seems to me like the person is trying to be on the same level as the creator.

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