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Kayla Skywriter

Would you rather never know your own birthday, or never know your best friend’s birthday?

Lonan: Hm… Well, if I didn’t know my birthday I could just make one up. But if I didn’t know my best friend’s birthday they might be offended. I’ll forget mine.

Tawny: I don’t want to forget anymore of my history. I’ll keep mine.

Lonan: *clears throat* So, if you’re my best friend and also my twin does that mean we still know both?

Tawny: But Altan’s you best friend.

Altan: But what if I wasn’t?

Tawny: I don’t get it.

Lonan: I don’t either but I think this is significant.

Altan: It’s a loophole. We broke the game!

How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for

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