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    Would you rather forget who you are every time it rains, or never be able to remember why you walked into a room?

    Enan: *looks serious* I’ve never forgetting who I am again. I’ll take any other option.

    Ella: We can’t all pick the same one. I’d forget who I was every time it rained. *grins at Kayla* At least I’d have my sister to remind me.

    Kayla: I am not forgetting who I am. *shakes her head at her sister, smiling* We would have a problem, Ell. You’d forget yourself when it rained, and I’d walk into your room to remind you, and forget why I was there.

    Enan: Or, Ella could move to the desert where it never rains.

    Would you rather have the ability to move things with your mind, or the ability to read minds?

    Kayla: Could I move other people’s minds with my mind? I’d take that.

    Enan: She’d love to be able to manipulate people into agreeing with her. *smirks* I’d want to move stuff. It’d probably be handier in battle.

    Ella: She’s not the only one in the family who likes manipulating. *grins at her brother* I’d want to read minds, than I could know if people are sad…or if they’re being sneaky.


    New Question: Would you rather never know your own birthday, or never know your best friend’s birthday?

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