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Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?

Iyan: *scratches head* well either way I’d probably lose my job. But I think I’d rather be blind.

Jordan: I’d really rather not hear another disgusting word anyone says to me.

Shelby: *agrees with Iyan* yeah. I’d lose my job, but I’d rather be able to hear.

Zythe: *touches his ear* yeah. I’ll go blind.

Would you rather be helpless in a terrible situation, where you might get killed, or kill a helpless animal.

Iyan: it would all depend on why I’d be killing the animal.

Jordan: helpless? Ehh. Animals aren’t helpless. And the only way I’m gonna be helpless is if I’m dead.

Shelby: I’ll take the first option. I don’t want to kill an animal unless I absolutely have to.

Zythe: me too

Would you rather have the ability to move things with your mind, or the ability to read minds?

Iyan: Ooohh. Huh! I’d would be really helpful to be able to move criminals with my mind. It would make arresting them a whole lot easier.

Jordan:  I don’t know. I guess I’ll move things too.

Shelby: yeah.

Zythe: well. . . I think I’d rather read minds so. . .so I’d know what people felt and it would be easier to help them and sympathizes with them.



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