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    @Dakota Thanks for the tag!

    Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing? 

    Erik: “Vision, obviously. Even if you’re in the dark you can tell what’s going on, or who’s sneaking up behind you.”

    Ky: “I’d lose my vision.”

    Laurel: “Vision as in seeing? Or as in your hopes?”

    New Question 2 – Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

    Ky: “Never speak again. Actions can speak as loud as words, but you guys don’t want to know everything that goes on in my head.”

    Erik: “Is that even a question? I already say everything that pops into my head, so nothing would change.” *looks at Ky* “It probably help sometimes if you said more of what’s in your big head.”

    Laurel: *elbows Erik* “I wouldn’t want to speak. It’s easier to learn sign-language than to always think nice things.” *laughs*


    New Question: Would you rather be helpless in a terrible situation, where you might get killed, or kill a helpless animal?

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