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    New Question 1: Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks nonstop?

    Nithel: “Someone who speaks.”

    Avigail: … Her heart aches a bit, “How long are we to be on the island?”

    Ratul: “As long as it takes.”

    Avigail: “As long as it takes for what?”

    Ratul: “For you to go crazy.” Avigail looks down, Nithel taking a step nearer her. “I’d be alone.”

    Avigail: “I, I’d be…” she can’t choose. Wait, how big is the island? I could go off alone. She thinks better than to ask aloud this time, “I would be with someone.”

    Mihael: “I would…” She bites her lips, looking over to her husband. “I’d be alone.” Gabrel is a silent man…

    Gabrel: He nods, “I as well.” He glances to her, before getting back to whittling.

    Elia: “Corban would be the talker…he can’t be quiet.” The sister looked over to her three-year-old brother. But, “I would be with him.”

    Corban: He grins, and claps, “Be wid sissy!”

    Nasiin: “I would be alone.” For one is truly never alone. Not when one can see the heavens. He glances to Nithel. The Star Breather had given him a larger heart. A heart for people. Then he glanced to his daughter, Well, He gave me one too

    Carace: “I would…” be alone. No… with someone…. noooooo…. “I would be with someone.” Though it would drive me mad.


    New Question 2: Would you rather fake your death or go to jail for 10 years?

    Carace: “Fake my death. Of a certain.”

    Nithel: His brows lift, Avigail would know I was alive. “I would fake it, but,” His brows lower, eyes saddening, “What did I do? Perhaps I deserve prison.”

    Ratul: Rolls his eyes and looks away.

    Nasiin: Looks at Nithel with longing. If only I was more like him… “I would fake my death.”

    Ratul: He makes his eyes bug, snapping his fingers and pointing to his father, like it’s the most genius of ideas.

    Mihael: “I would pretend to die.”

    Gabrel: He looks to his little girl, then his wife’s frail form. I would let them know. “I as well.” But the crop? That is why I am no revolutionary. He looks to Nithel.

    Elia and Corban: Messing around, not paying attention.

    Gabrel: Eyes steely, “I would fake their deaths for them.”

    Mihael: And go to jail because of it

    Avigail: “I would…” fake my death. And fail miserably. Getting life in prison likely… “Um,”

    Ratul: Grins at his sister, “I’d bring you flowers.”

    Avigail: Glowers at him, “I would…”

    Ratul: Leans forward, “Yes?”

    Nasiin: “Leave your sister alone.”

    Avigail: “I…would go to prison.”

    Nithel: Eyes sad, Someone would go with you. Someone else would have done something. You would have not done it on your own.


    New Question- Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?

    New Question 2 – Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?


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