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    @kimlikesart, your story sounds so cool!

    Basic synopsis of my WIP: My book is a young adult fantasy novel with an epic medieval feel. It has two main characters: a princess named Arlynn and a run-away farm orphan named Jaegar. Basically the goal is to find the missing prince Darak of the country of Agri before the elections are held for a new ruler because the person likely to win this election is the wicked prince Tzadok of Saxum. If Tzadok were to win, he would eventually rule about 75% of the land of Insula Nova…making it relatively easy to conquer the other countries, including Arlynn’s homeland of Silva. In order to find Prince Darak, Jaegar and Arlynn have to find 5 key pieces to unlock a clue to his whereabouts. There’s a lot more to the storyline, but this is the simplified version, sorry if it’s still kinda confusing. Sadly, I think I will need to cut at least the first 10 chapters and completely rewrite them in order for the story to make sense.  First, I need to finish this draft. Then, it needs revising and revising and revising. I would absolutely love to publish it someday!

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