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    I really like your name, it’s one of my favorites! That’s neat that we are both 14.

    I rode my first horse, I am guessing around five years ago and haven’t since then. We where given free riding lessons from one of our neighbors who owned two horses. That was when we lived in Illinois.

    I am hoping to eventually be able to learn to play the violin. The music it makes is so pretty, but at times it sounds really loud. (I have very sensitive ears, I can’t even be around a vacuum or a blender.) I recently learned how to play twinkle, twinkle little star, the minuet, spring from the four seasons and I am working on learning how to play Fur Elise on the piano, (well it’s more like a keyboard until we get a piano.) I used to know how to play, well I don’t know what the name is totally but I think it is either brother john or are you sleeping. It’s a french song. That was in Minnesota, around four years ago.

    Thank you!

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