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R.M. Archer

1. There are so many good scenes! I love the moment when Sam throws an apple at Bill Ferny’s head in Fellowship of the Ring for its comedic effect (especially since I could clearly picture Sean Astin as Sam in that scene). I love the scene in The Scouring of the Shire where Sam is talking to Robin, the Hobbit sheriff, about the mess that has been made of the Shire and they have this exchange:

“If I hear ‘not allowed’ much oftener,” said Sam, “I’m going to get angry.”
“Can’t say as I’d be sorry to see it,” said Robin lowering his voice. “If we all got angry together something might be done.”

I love the scene in the movies where Arwen comes back to Rivendell and she and Elrond talk about whether there is despair or hope in her future (“I looked into your future and saw death.” “But there is life also.”). I love all of the Many Partings in the books. I love Eowyn and Merry’s showdown with the Witch King (both the book and the movie). I guess I should stop listing things. XD There are just so many good moments. What are some of your favorites?

2. Eh. I’m kind of in the couldn’t-care-less camp, I suppose. He does have his moments, though (like his encounter with Aragorn at Amon Hen, just before the Uruks attack).

3. I like it. I think it does a good job of showing the ring’s influence, but then also Boromir’s Gondorian nobility and how he attempts to “atone” for his mistake. (I just re-read the books, but I’ve already forgotten how that scene/Boromir’s character lines up with the books, so I can’t say how it holds up in light of Tolkien. :P)

I have a question of my own: If you’ve both read the books and seen the movie, what is a chapter/scene/character/etc. you wish they’d been able to include in the movies but didn’t?

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