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    It is really difficult to piece them all together. I only have four writing prompts pieced together and I still have a bunch more to piece together. I just realized exactly how hard it will be.

    If we move it is usually to a new town, or into a different state. (It’s mostly into a different state.) I have lived in Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Michigan. But we moved from Minnesota to Missouri, from Missouri to Arkansas, from Arkansas back to Missouri, from Missouri to Illinois, from Illinois back to Minnesota and from Minnesota to Michigan. Then we moved once in Michigan. This only counts the moves we made from the time I was seven until now. Before I turned two I know we moved from where I was born to where we lived until I was seven. There are a few times I didn’t mind moving and those where when we first started moving around. (I didn’t know what it was like and I thought it would be more of an adventure but the most it ever got to being an adventure is when we lived in woods, Then we got to go exploring.) The times I didn’t like it was when we had to leave our friends.

    I am homeschooled, if I wasn’t who knows how many new schools I would of ended up going to with all the moving we did!

    What is the “we are, and I love it.” to?


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