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Urwen Starial

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Good afternoon all, Ember and I were talking this morning about some characters I wanted to add, and I had an idea.Now, just to be clear, this idea has been approved by Ember if y’all like it then we can keep it. I am not going to be offended if you guys don’t like this idea or don’t want it.

One of my new characters, Dither, who will be coming in shortly, is a wily kind of person. He’s out for himself, and loves gossip so he can have dirt on people’s backs if he ever wants to use it against them. Originally I was thinking he could be a double agent, but inspiration struck me, and Ember and I got to talking about it.
I was wondering how far y’all wanted this dispute between the three sides to go, because, Dither could potentially be the source of the beginning of this.

Like I mentioned, Dither likes to know things about people, he also likes to use this to rile people up and watch the aftereffect. So, I was wondering. . . would y’all be okay with the idea that Dither could possibly be the mastermind behind all of this? Or if not, working directly with the person behind all this? He likes to play double-agent and find things out, but he is loyal only to himself. He would be very useful to have on your side, if you can bribe him enough or the right way.
anyway, that was long winded, pls let me know what you guys think, and like I said, if you want to veto this, that’s fine with me. 🙂

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