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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

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Glancing at Rhioe, Logan opened his mouth to speak. But, seeing her face, he stopped and dropped his face into his hands. What could he say? He couldn’t say it had gone well. Though as far as the law went it had. Rhioe was watching him with such an anxious, expectant expression on her face. She again reminded him so much of Shyla. How could he callously crush her heart?

As he raised his head again, the struggle in his heart was evident on every feature of his face. His eyes looked almost wild with hurt and confusion. His jaw was tensing and his lips trembled. His usually combed hair was messy and windblown from his run through the cold. Everything together seemed to break his professional, adult look. He looked strangely younger and more handsome, despite the distress on his face.

. He bit his lip and stood to his feet. With long strides he reached Rhioe’s side. Tears slowly filled his eyes, despite his effort to blink them back. “Rhioe-” He began, but his voice broke.

Sold souls and dead promises

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