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That’s awesome how much inspires you!

I get inspiration from multiple different places, but definitely not as many as you listed! 😀 😛 I’ve had really strange dreams as well, and one of them I outlined for a story, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually write it. It’s sorta strange and I’m not sure if it will make much of a story. Though I guess I can always add stuff to make it better and get the kinks out.

Oh, and one time I had a dream about someone proposing to me, and the funny thing is, it was a guy from my town who would NEVER ask me to marry him!!!!! But it was SOOOOOOO funny, and I wrote it down in my journal. I might try to make it into a story and just change the names (lol), but it wouldn’t really be that funny unless you knew who it was about. But anyway. 😉

It’s super cool that you get inspiration from so many different sources. 🙂 I should keep my eyes open from now on and keep a paper in my pocket so I can jot anything down that catches my eye. I’ll at least try it for today.

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