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    What inspires me to write? So many things. I will list them below…

    – Dreams I have at night, that are so involved, and vivid, and believable. I write them down, and have turned two into books. One a novel (Dystopian), another a novella (Contemporary/Survival). It just seemed wrong to let them slip into eternity.

    – Other times, random things inspire me. Take, Biology last year. Did you know some viruses look just like giant robot spiders? There were so many other amazing things, that I took them all, and turned them into a Science Fiction. (:

    – Yet further, when reading the Bible, a particular story or person, will move me. I’ll feel the urge to tell the story again, from one of the people present’s eyes. It is amazing, and I learn so much about God, and the Bible, because I ask questions I never would have before.

    – Some movies and radio programs have also sparked my imagination. I take some circumstances, and use them as writing prompts. Upon finishing, the prompt has been changed, whittled, and sometimes obliterated completely, to fit the story that stemmed from it.

    – My history book has also been a wealth of ideas. So many people inspired and made me think. People I won’t mention, because I fully intend to write Historical Fictions about each of them. They all had strong character despite hardship, or, a lack of character and regretted it.

    – And then there are games I play with my sister and friends! Barbies, stuffed-animals, ourselves being the players… I got a novella/novel out of a game we played. I remembered the plot, and wrote it down over a few days. (Doing research for historical accuracy as I went, but, that is where it stopped.)

    – Music too! There is a song that has inspired me to write a story. I have it outlined.

    – And several comic strips! I have pulled several true stories from each. Chopping out, and pulling in, making them fiction. Adding and cutting, to have another outline, for a story about forgiveness and sacrifice… (I’m kind of excited about it.)


    I suppose I’m a sponge, sucking up inspiration wherever it’s possible. So, I hope this was what you were looking for, or helpful, Mrs. Zee! Thank you for the tag. (:


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