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    I think it is one of those words that are the most common.

    I actually shared three of my poems in the group poets. They have to do with a storm, spring and a sunrise.

    Cool, I usually write poems when I feel like writing, but I don’t have a story idea and I don’t have a story I am working on, or if I feel like writing but don’t know what to write I choose something in nature and write a poem. That is how I wrote most of my poems, if I couldn’t choose something in nature then I would just have one of my sisters choose something. A few of my poems I didn’t do that way for example the first poem I wrote was called red, white and blue and I wrote it for my grandpa, since they where his favorite colors. I wrote it around four years ago and it was actually only the first 2 verses of the poem since I added on to it after my grandpa passed away. After that I tried writing a poem that rhymed it didn’t sound very good at all, (I didn’t know the rules of poetry at all) but I did keep it. I called that one mountain streams and since I wrote that one I usually just write free verse poetry. (Following rules in poetry that I don’t know are to hard, I have to get books on the rules of poetry.) I was trying to write 450 words a day but since I easily pass that and go up to 500 or higher, I upped the goal to 500 and if that is to easy then I will up the amount again.


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