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    We have had a lot of cats before and somethings they tend to do are quite funny, lets see, my Dad had a cat that would purposely go after me and my other sisters just to here us scream or to trap us so that we had to call for help. Mr Rogers (the cat that goes after the dogs) will also attack us, anything that moves is in danger of being attacked.

    Yeah, I am working on the first short story using that and it’s actually the first story that I have almost finished because I know that after I write it I will be fixing it so I am actually writing it and can hardly wait until it is done, unlike before when I would try to write something I would give up writing it because I couldn’t understand that with the first draft you just write.

    When I was younger one of our neighbors had a stone wall that we would balance on. My grandma has a stone wall in her yard when we first would go on it all the stones where stuck in place (like 2 years ago) but now some of them are loose so we are extra careful and with some we just don’t go on because if we do we might end up falling in rose bushes!

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