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Arindown (Gracie)

What inspires me to write?

Writing, for me, I think boils down to two things. 1. Sharing the desperate beauty of this fallen world. And 2. the recognition of my place as a character in God’s master-piece story.

Inspiration is something that’s hard to pin down, but I think it usually goes back to something beautiful I see. The last ray of sunshine breaking through storm-clouds.  That heart-tearing scene of sacrifice in a movie. A horse trotting, tossing her mane in the wind. A soldier, standing tall, with blood, and dirt and camouflage smeared across his face. My kitten, running to me, climbing on my lap, and purring against my chin. A vulture soaring on the wind above autumn trees.

The light is never so beautiful as when it’s contrasted with the dark.

My writing is also a way of praise, and even worship sometimes, to the God of the universe who created me, a unique character, and gave me a place in His epic story. As one of His characters, I get the privilege to be like Him as an artist and smith of words. I also get to re-imagine His tale of forgiveness, love, grace, and beauty, and tell that tale again to others.

Not all who wander are lost.

Story Embers

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