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Woah! I didn’t know there are six books.  I’ll have to check those out.  My favorite part in “Half Magic” is probably when they go back into Medieval times and meet Sir Lancelot and everything.  And nice!  All those sound really interesting, and I’ll definitely read them 🙂

Oh no!  Your mom or your cats didn’t get hurt, did they? Yes, rabbits are a lot of work.  Whenever people say they want one, I try to tell them they have to have the time and resources.  And yes, you probably couldn’t take a rabbit everywhere like you could with a dog 😛

That rainbow poem sounds super cool.  I actually just saw a rainbow the other day.

Funny, I have the opposite problem!  I don’t do enough dialog or it’s just all really short and terse.  But yes, I have the same problem where it feels like things don’t connect and it sounds silly.  It’s something I’m trying to work on 🙂

Yes, they do kinda sound like writing prompts, haha.  Your answers are really fun!  And I did (well maybe I should say do) the same things with stone walls 😛

If your dreams turn to dust... vacuum.
~Author Unknown

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