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    Haha, yeah I get that.  I have a lot of friends like that too.

    Yes! I’ve always thought they’re beautiful too.  And lol, yes I get that too.  I don’t know if I’m good at it, but I enjoy it. 🙂

    Aw, thank you.  That means a whole lot.  I’ll admit, the road hasn’t been easy.  I thought adoption would be.  But it really isn’t.  It’s so sad to see all the brokenness.  The brokenness in their biological family, the brokenness their experiences have left them with, their biological parents’ selfishness that has hurt them so much.. But it’s worth it.  Every minute of it.  But haha, I always wish I was a better sibling, thank you. 😀

    (Love your profile picture BTW)

    Oh!  I love both of those so much.  And the second one, the hero-villain one, is exactly one that I have in my book between one of my Main Characters and my villain. 🙂


    I totally get what you mean about your siblings.  I’ve actually become a lot closer with my siblings lately, and I’m so glad I have.  Siblings are honesty such a gift.

    And yes!  I’ve never written romance (and I never really want to start, lol), but I do like to discuss what movies and stories get wrong with it, like I did Lona 😛

    Hmmm, I suppose I love the relationship between two of my Main Characters.  One is 15, then the other–well, his age his complicated, but just think of him as early thirties I suppose.  You see, it’s kinda the older one’s duty to protect the 15 year old and two of my other main characters.  He and the 15 year old are both Dreamwalkers, which are people who have vision-y things in their dreams and, like the name, can go in other people dreams.  So, as the 15 year old is learning her role and how to Dreamwalk, he’s mentoring her in all of it, because they’re not just Dreamwalkers, but–like the other two main characters I mentioned–are Guardians of what I’m calling for now (I haven’t officially named it) the Blade of Lockia.  So he’s teaching not just teaching her about Dreamwalking, but being a Guardian for that.  And it’s just a really fun relationship to write about, bc he steps into a protector, almost fatherly, figure and his guiding her all the way till he dies at the end.  🙁 🙁  (I’m so sad about that, even though I’m making it happen!) Sorry, that sounded really cheesy and confusing.  I think it sounds much better in my book XD

    Oh, those about Derik sound awesome!  That’s so cool 🙂


    I know! I also hate that shallow relationship thing.  It seems like most of their interactions consist of bantering back and forth.  (At least, in the ones I’ve read)

    You’re right!  Cousin’s relationships can vary so much.  In one book I read, the main character said how (this was her opinion) cousins are amazing in the way that they can be better than friends ’cause they’re related, and bc they can be less annoying then siblings XD

    Your cousins’ relationship sounds really fun. 🙂


    Yes, those are awesome!! Like I said earlier, those are my favorites!  Where the “parent” maybe isn’t their actual parent, but assumes the role as one! I also haven’t finished my story with that relationship in it, but it plays a big role 😉





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