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    My goodness yes! That bothers me so much! Especially when they’re 14 and have no concept of what being “in love” is. *cough cough Snow White cough cough* I do accept that maybe when a person first saw someone they immediately knew the relationship had potential, but you can’t love, like actually love, someone solely based on appearance. That just seems ridiculous.

    And I mean, honestly friendships that develop into romantic relationships are just more fun to write than first-sight ones. You get to crack yourself up making all those awkward scenes for the pair since they don’t even know where their relationship is at or how to act. 😛

    Yeah, I’m glad to have them. My girlfriends aren’t really into popularity, they’re just not into deep-ness either. Haha does that make any sense? But I get what you mean about thinking it’s silly. I guess to each their own. If it makes them happy, then good for them.

    Oh those relationships are just beautiful! I really admire people who can write them. I’ve tried, but it never quite works. And that makes perfect sense. It also makes me think you must be one great sibling, for thinking of it like that. That your family swore to protect them and took them under its wings. 🙂

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