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    Oooh, good question.

    I think brother-sister relationships are my favorite, followed by a close second of guy-girl best friend relationships. Maybe also guy-girl best friend relationships that develop into romantic ones. I think the common denominator here is just guy-girl something haha. I like writing about interactions between the different sexes because I think they each bring something unique to the table, and that with it they can compliment each other better than could two girls or two guys.

    Also, most of my friend group consists of guys, and though I have friends who are girls, and they mean the world to me, it’s two of those guys who are the ones that I can actually talk to about deeper things or go to for emotional or mental support when I need it. With the girls, there’s some idea that we all have to keep it together for each other and only talk about socially neutral or happy things . The guys, though, don’t care at all, and I love that. 🙂

    Do you have a favorite relationship to write?

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