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    Hi Lona,

    My poetry is mostly ones that have to do with nature. I have one on what my Grandpa’s favorite colors where, red, white, and blue and then I have some that have to do with water or storms and a few that have things to do with sunsets/sunrises. I also have one (it doesn’t quite sound right) that has to do with different things in nature.

    My fantasy stories are on several things and right now they are just ideas. One has to do with an elevator that takes you to different lands. The land in this story though is one where water is frozen but animals can jump through it still and where it is winter and there is snow but yet the trees still have their leaves and it isn’t cold.

    The other one that I have, is a girl who lives in an underwater world. (She is not a mermaid, their are mermaids in the story though.) She realizes that she is the only one that looks like herself. So in this story the girl must find the pieces to a sea weed key and put the key together, and then find a secret door out. Then she has to find her parents and eventually she loses the key after visiting the underwater world a few times and she never is able to go back again. I hope that makes sense.

    That is true, I didn’t know if I would be able to get a dog this year but I decided well just in case I should have a list of names. Now I just have to find that list of names before I get my puppy.

    I hope so to!

    Thanks for answering my question on what those are totally for.

    Your Welcome!


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