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    Oh, ok. Well in any case I still like how it’s spelled. 🙂

    Fun! What are your poetry and fantasy mostly about? My poetry is mostly my rambling thoughts, so not always very pretty. It’s more of a mental processing method haha.

    That makes sense. I have a list of names for pets somewhere, even though I’m not allowed to have one. But you know, if I did get one, I need to have a list of possible names, right?

    I completely understand that! I joined Story Embers for pretty much the same reason. I hope we can build up each other’s confidences as well was each other’s writing skills. 😀

    Well, from what I can tell, they are exactly what you said. Places for fantasy and poetry writers. More specifically, I think that they are for asking questions or getting help to poetry or fantasy-specific things. Like if you needed help with rhyme scheme, you could ask it in the poetry group, whereas if you had a grammar question, you could ask it in the general discussions. 🙂

    And thanks! 😀

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