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I have read “Half Magic” along with the other six books in the series. They are really good! What was your favorite part in the book? I am not sure what my favorite part is, I like a lot of parts in it. Out of all the books in this series “Half Magic” is my fourth favorite book. My first favorite is “Seven-Day Magic,” the other two books that I really like are “Magic or Not?” and “Magic by the Lake.”

This is the first puppy that I have ever had! I had an almost three year old dog, but he went after my Mom’s dogs neck and he kept trying to go after the cats so he now belongs to one of my cousins who works with dogs.  Cool! I thought before that it might be nice to have a rabbit, but it seems like it would be a lot more work then a dog, plus it’s not an animal that can go everywhere with me and be allowed inside.

I need to edit and revise a poem on a rainbow so that it makes better sense, and as far as fantasy I have been trying to figure out how to write a fantasy story idea that I have had since either last Summer or the Summer before last. I have kept trying to write it but it seems like the parts of the story aren’t connected, plus for some reason most of the stories I try to write end up being mostly dialog and that might be because it’s the only way I can connect things but either way it gets on my nerves, oh and when I tried to write stories they end up sounding silly.

The last two questions to me sound like they could be writing prompts.

For number one I am not totally sure. Sometimes being outside for a while well other times listening to music,

number two, the first thing I would do is go swimming,

and number three, probably riding horses well standing up and doing all those tricks. I used to pretend I was doing that but now it seems to me like it would be more on the dangerous side. The fun of pretending was I could do it on a stone wall, and pretend that the stone wall was the horses that I was using. I first made sure that I could balance on it well enough and walk across it really fast.


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