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Hi Gracie,

Thanks! It is crazy, this is actually the first website that I have ever been lost on! Every other website I can figure out the first day, this one is taking me two days and I still am trying to figure everything out!

I am wondering what is the box below this that say’s Tags?

I mostly write poems on nature those are the ones that turn out the best, at least I think they turn out the best, the only other type is one about my Grandpa’s favorite colors, red, white and blue. I mostly have ones on storms and sunsets/sunrises though.

I have a list with names that I like, I am not sure where the list is though.

I don’t mind at all. I have autism and I hate being around people I don’t know, even if it is just relatives or a librarian, I especially don’t like talking to people I don’t know. The dog is supposed to help me be more comfortable around people I don’t really know.




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