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    Hi Lona,

    Thank you! It’s the only way I have ever seen my name spelled I didn’t even know it could be spelled other ways.

    I guess we are oppisites. I am better at poetry then fantasy, in fact I have never finished writing a fantasy story or even gotten very far in one but I have finished several poems before.

    I am waiting to choose a name until I know what it’s personality is, I do have a list of names that I like somewhere.

    I don’t let a lot of people see my writing either. I am always worried about what other people will think.  The only people who have seen my poems or hear my ideas for story’s are one of my older sisters and my younger sister, who both love writing as well. There has been only one poem that I have let my parents, brother and other sister’s hear and that was about my grandpa’s favorite colors, red, white and blue. I just wanted to know if my writing was terrible or if it is as good as my two sisters who love writing says it is.

    I have looked at the poetry group and the fantasy group but I am not sure what they are totally for besides fantasy writers and poetry writers. Would you be able to help me with knowing what they are for? Like are they for getting help on writing things or what?

    I like your profile picture.




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