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When you see your friend next, tell her thank you from me for having you read them (just kidding lol, but seriously, I’m SO glad you did!).

Peet was probably my favorite character, if not Leeli. How about you?

I LOVE Peet! His struggle is so heartbreaking, and yet, he can be so funny! But all of the characters are invaluable, and I love them all. However, I love Podo, and of course, the jewels and Nia and Esben. And Olumphia, and Rudric, and Gammon and Maraly and Nurgabog and Oood and– you know what I mean 😛

Oh, ok, cool! Sounds like a great organization! I wish you luck on your badge earning.

Thank you! I was probably a little long winded in the description of it, I just can’t ever make anything short…. *sigh*….

Nice! And oooh so then I bet there’s a power struggle with people for  The Point of Travores? That is, if it can be held as a possession.

Yes! The One (the bad guy) wants it, but nobody else really knows about it, except for my character who is trying to either destroy it or hide it, anything to keep him from getting it. It, it, it. I wish there was another word to use…

Also, I know I’m a bit snoopy, but I was reading your’s and Thwaplings conversation, and I totally agree with y’all! I don’t like it when people try to control characters (although that hasn’t really happened to me since everybody I’ve ever done it with are so considerate); sometimes folks just don’t get my jokes (arrggg); and poetical speech is just sometimes needed. I hope I wasn’t intruding! If I was, ignore me 😉

Also, Lona, I’ll try to find time to read your story. I’ve been trying to not be on the computer too much to do other things, and then I get overwhelmed with trying to answer posts… *sigh*

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