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This is an awesome topic to start! I love characters from so many stories, so it was super wise to lower the options to characters we’ve made up. 🙂

My favourite character that I’ve invented is definitely a teen boy named Edmond. He’s seriously awesome!!!!! Technically it was my friend and I who made him up together, because we’re writing a story together and he’s one of the main side characters. (If you get my meaning, lol) 😉

He’s mischievous through and through, and actually reminds me a lot of his namesake, Edmond, from the Chronicles of Narnia. The one main difference though is that he doesn’t get into as much trouble as the Narnia Edmond does, and he’s generally kinder. Edmond loves playing little pranks on people, and what’s funny about him is that the first scene he’s depicted in, he’s playing a prank.

I just watched the new Little Women again yesterday, and I realized after seeing Laurie at his finest, the two of them are very similar in personality. Edmond is a bit more of a subdued Laurie, but if the two ever met, I have a feeling they’d get along famously.

Anyway, it’s sorta hard to describe one’s character without taking tons of time dedicated to the cause, but he’s a fun loving, mischievous, adventurous, energetic teen who’s a ton of fun to write about. 🙂

So far none of my other characters compare. (Well, there is one in a story I’ve come up with that I’m going to write soon, but since I haven’t actually ever written about him, I’m not sure if I can count him. And even if I could, I’d still probably say Edmond.)  😉 😛


You should answer this. I have a feeling I know which two characters you’ll have to decide between, but it’s a fun topic and I’m not one-hundred percent sure what you’re answer will be… 😉

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