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Ahah! I hope you’re going to tell us yours too, because if there’s anything writers like to talk about…it’s their characters.πŸ˜‚

Of course I love all my characters, but one has always stood out to me. He came in as a side-character, and then stole my writer heart (and the spotlight). His name is Kyerin, and he’s a slave (as a child), an elite warrior, body-guard, and later, Captain of the military. He’s also my MC’s Dad.πŸ€—

I think what makes him special to me is the fact that I’ve always wanted to be like him. He’s my hero. He’s courageous, and faithful, and he loves God and his family. He also has the same personality as my older brother.

Although I haven’t got around to his story (yet), it’s the only one of mine that has made me cry so far.πŸ˜„ I don’t want to put in any spoilers (on the chance I’ll actually get to writing that book), so I won’t say any more (I also don’t want to tear-up thinking about itπŸ˜‚).

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