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Livi Ryddle

So this is what I had said… “A young man in a long coat and scarf that are flapping in the breeze, facing away from you, looking up a cobblestone road in front of the docks. A clock tower in the distance maybe. It’s overcast and looks cold. One of the man’s hands is in his coat pocket, the other is holding a letter. His posture and the whole mood radiates sorrow and forlorn-ness.”

So maybe to simplify, like… a man wrapped in a cloak, facing away from the reader, looking up a narrow road lined with storefronts, and an overcast sky.

Better? And please feel free to modify anything, or change something about the description or whatever. I just want to keep the “overcast sky, long cloak, Sherlock-Holmes-era” aesthetic 😀

"Reck not."
~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet

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