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Mischievous Thwapling


    I like collabs.  They’re fun, and it’s nice to plan and work stuff out for a story with other people.  It’s interesting to see peoples’ different writing styles and characters, and I’ve learned a lot from doing collabs.  One thing I’m not fond about colloabs, though, is how if one person is busy, or is gone for a little bit, the whole story screeches to a stop.  Most of the time, you stop at a certain part in your post to let the other person write their character’s reaction.  But if that person is gone for a while, it can get kinda frustrating… At least, the “waiting for the other character’s reaction” thing is how all of mine go, might be different for other people, like you, though.

    Yes, your mom is soo right.  That’s very insightful.

    And lol, thanks.  I like your honesty.  As far as I’ve seen, you say your honest opinion and what you think is right, which I have a lot of respect for.:)

    Writing fantasy is the delicate art of making the unrealistic seem realistic.
    ~Tom B.

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