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Beth Darlene

I had asked you a few questions (I think they’re on the previous page), but to make it easier, I’ll just paste them in here:

Sorry! I never saw those!!

I’m kind of confused about the whole girl thing. How old is she?

She’s 13.

Is she good or bad?

She’s good!

And are there any characteristics unique to your story that could help make the cover stand out?

Um…well like I said, she made this other world come to life with her imagination. And there are some other characters that could be on the cover maybe. There are three boys, Jered 14, Tim 11, and Silas 15. Oh and Jaylin 14.

There are also bad guys who are wizards. The main bad guy’s name is Aclabar and he’s always dressed in black. And he has a right-hand man, and they can talk telepathically.

And, an older man named Throden who is good. And he knows a little bit of magic. But mostly fights with swords and such.

You get into the other world by going through a door in an old house.

The other world is kinda medieval looking.

Marrill, the girl who created the other world, and Jered and Tim all come from this world which is in modern-day.

So those are just random things. You can do whatever you want with the cover lol!

Hope that helps!

Jominkreesa! For the weirdos who know what it means! 😉 I love you guys!

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