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Mischievous Thwapling


    Thanks! Though I suppose I don’t know if I’d totally say play, play.  More like I’m teaching myself the guitar, but hey! I’m getting there 😛  Right now, I’m learning the song: “I’m Leaving on a Jet plane” by John Denver.

    Lol, yeah, sometimes it can feel like a lot, but you’re right, siblings are great.  Annoying at times, sure, but still pretty great. 😛

    Yeah, thanks for the input!  😀 I did decide to finish (or try to, lol) the fantasy novel first, then work on that, ’cause I don’t think I can juggle both, y’know?

    Oooh, favorite book? Hmm, that’s a hard question.  I think either the 2nd book, because of Janner’s amazing journey to re-unite with his family, and Kalmar’s struggles that end in his fang-ing, and Artham’s transformation, and Gammon and Maraly are hilarious, and–I’ll stop here and get to the other favorite option: or the last book might be my favorite.  I mean, so many secrets revealed along with heart-breaking history, and Janner’s sacrifice was beautiful beyond words….. How about you?

    Wow, that’s amazing!!  I am *cough cough* only on chapter one of my WIP so that seems incredible.  Great job!

    Writing fantasy is the delicate art of making the unrealistic seem realistic.
    ~Tom B.

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