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Wingiby Iggiby


    Is your name by chance from the wingfeather saga?

    Yes!!! You’ve read it!?! *does little happy dance* awesome! You know how Peet kept getting the Igiby/Wingfeather’s name mixed up? Well, I took it and made it mine 😀

    AHG stands for American Heritage Girls. Ya know Girl Scouts? Well, I don’t want to compare AHG to them, but most folks know about Girl Scouts. But AHG is focused on guiding and building up godly girls to be godly women; you can earn badges, do community projects, outdoor activites — awesome stuff like that! AHG’s goal is to build women of integrity, and it is strictly for girls — nobody saying they are but they aren’t. This is their mission statement: Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.

    Fair point. Though, I was talking to myself long before quarantine, so I don’t know if I get to blame it on that haha.

    Well, you could always talk to a doll or something, LOL 😛

    Short spurts are good! And right?! I have at least a dozen projects on Google from when I was younger, and, well, I guess I’ll treat it like a time capsule and go back to read them when I’m older, XD

    Oh fun! What is your fantasy like?

    Well, the world is similar to ours, but there are strange creatures, and a tiny bit of magic, which is all pretty much contained in one object: The Point of Travores. The main continent, Rondona, is where the story takes place. Venedor is a mostly unknown continent across the sea, so it’s pretty insignificant, LOL — except for the fact that it’s the place where the mongrel hounds come from, ordered by The One to be shipped across the sea.


    I know you got mountains to climb,
    But always stay humble and kind -- Tim McGraw

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