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Wandering Timberwolf

    @arindown Ah nice, it’s cool that you live in Ontario! When you say Northern Ontario, how far north are we talking? North Bay north, or even further up? xD I was born in the tiny town of Deep River, if you happen to know where that is 😛

    Ooh, good question! LotR is definitely high on that list, but the Darkwater Saga, Hunger Games and a few others all hold special places in my heart.

    That’s really cool, fantasy is an awesome genre! What are some of your stories about? No, I’ve never heard of the Deerslayer series! I’ll definitely have to look it up though!

    Nice to meet you as well!



    That’s really cool! What countries would you like to see?

    Ah nice, those are all really cool activities! I have gone climbing a couple of times! Once basically just tackling a massive rock with a harness on (it was probably about 8 meters tall?), and another time rappelling into a giant 15 meter deep sink hole, which was quite the experience xD Getting out was also… interesting to say the least. And I’ve done a bit of freehand climbing while doing peaks on mountains, which is a million times more terrifying xD If you’re able to trust the harness (and the person doing your ropes) you can feel quite safe while climbing though. Especially on the way down there’s always this brief feeling of fear when you just let go and trust yourself to the ropes, but once you’re past that it’s super fun and definitely an experience I would recommend!

    Haha, that’s fair xD Writing just for the sake of writing can still be enjoyable though, even if you’re not completing novel-length projects! Keep sticking at it and I’m sure you’ll make it sooner or later though.

    An expat is an expatriate, or someone who lives outside their native country 😛 Sometimes being an expat isn’t much of a change, but it can definitely be cool!

    Haha, thank you! Do you feel at all called towards missions?



    Ah, thanks! If I ever end up posting it on here I’ll let you know 😛

    I’m sure! xP

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